Investing in our future

Jobs Businesses and People are OUR priority

The worst economic crisis in 300 years - made worse by the Conservative mishandling of the pandemic. 

The most unemployed expected for 10 years, or more, perhaps not since the Thatcher years.

Business closures - accelerating as we change our shopping habits.  But, we can turn the tide and reduce the pain, if we act swiftly.  

Your Lib Dem led Council is doing that - helping short term recovery, and our town centre, helping businesses survive the crisis and investing in the future. To better insulate and improve the energy efficiency of our homes, to provide 350 affordable council houses for residents in need, to invest in our culture and much more.  From the £10 million pound Mercury Theatre redevelopment to the public realm around the Mercury and Jumbo.  Plus what makes us an attractive place to invest, from Ultra-fast Broadband, new high-tech CCTV, to better public realm.  Homes, sports, leisure, places to walk and enjoy our great town: investments in them all. 

We will spend local where we can.

We will help local businesses and jobs and secure long lasting change for better.

We are Liberal Democrats. Leading your Council, for a Better Colchester. 



Government Fails Us

Ed Davey: Former Energy and Climate Change Secretary appointed Liberal  Democrat leaderCompetence matters
.  COVID cases are increasing, we’re facing another lock down, and businesses can’t plan for the future when the government will only extend the furlough scheme for a month.

Too many people have already lost their jobs because of the Government’s failure to plan. Some self-employed workers are getting 80% of their profits covered, but millions have received no help since March. And with the furlough scheme extended by just one month only a day before it was to end, families and businesses had to scramble to change plans again.

It’s just not good enough. This government’s incompetence is putting people’s jobs and futures at risk

Liberal Democrats led by Ed Davey are calling on the Government to extend the furlough scheme into 2021.  To deliver as promised a 'world class' Track and Trace system.   To give certainty to businesses and employees thus protecting jobs and livelihoods.

Help us demand clarity, help, better than now.  

BBC Licence Fee should be set by an Independent Body, Lib Dems plan

key_bbc_license_fee.jpgLib Dem Deputy Leader and Culture spokesperson Daisy Cooper has warned the Government must never again be allowed to "force the BBC into a corner where it has to choose between cuts to programming or raising these fees on the most vulnerable.

The Party, which led a cross party group of 106 parliamentarians calling for a review of the decision to cut hundreds of BBC staff working across regional programmes, will put forward plans to protect the long–term future of the BBC.

They will call on the Government to uphold its promise to retain the licence fee model until the end of the current Charter period in December 2027, and for a transparent and independent body to review the cost of the licence next year.

Daisy Cooper said:

'Families around the UK have flocked to the BBC during the coronavirus pandemic as a source of trusted news, entertainment and education, demonstrating the true value of public service broadcasting at a time of national crisis. 

Ending free TV licences for the over 75s, which could push some of the poorest pensioners into poverty, jars with common decency. 

The responsibility falls squarely at the feet of Conservative Ministers. 

We must never again allow Ministers to force the BBC into a corner where it has to choose between cuts to programming or raising these fees on the most vulnerable. That means ensuring the licence fee is set independently.'

Your Liberal Democrats fighting, locally and across the country, for the interests of those most in need.

Get Tracking and Keep Safe


Lib Dem led Colchester Council have been praised for their local leadership through the pandemic.

Infection rates are low compared to many.  We want to keep it that way!

Gazette: We ask all of our communities to work together to encourage safe behaviours and use of the coronavirus contact tracing app.

As the software is voluntary, its success will depend heavily on how many people choose to download and use it.  The app has Bluetooth enabled to keep an anonymous log of people a user has been close to.

If someone falls ill, they can tell the app, which will begin a process of locating those they may have been in contact with. 

Lib Dem leader Mark Corey urges us all download the app today and do our bit to fight against this virus. 'Together, with just our phones, we can have an impact and protect ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours and the town in which we live.'

A QR code scanning feature is also available, allows people to check-in to venues they visit and easily share their contact details for tracing efforts. 

To keep us and our families and friends safe.  Lib Dem led, your Council will do all it can for us all.  Let's help.

We really are in this together.  

Colchester Revamp and Renew Success

Lib Dem led Colchester have been awarded £1 million to transform two of the gateways to the town centre.

Vision - an idea of the new restaurants and apartments in Long Wyre Street and (inset) the Balkerne Gate plans and David KingThe cash, won by the We Are Colchester Board enabled by the Council team and Lib Dem leaders will be spent on improvements to St Nicholas Square and the Balkerne Gate area around the Mercury Theatre.

At Balkerne Gate, near the town’s iconic Roman Wall, a new space will be created for theatrical and creative activity to complement the Mercury Theatre’s £10 million revamp.

At St Nicholas Square a new space will be designed to complement Colchester Castle and other nearby attractions.

Council plans will be worked up swiftly and work will start by early next year. 

We have the vision for renewal, for a greener and better Colchester.  With significant investment in recent years to the St Nicholas Hotel, the conversion of the old Jack’s building and the refurbishment of the old Co-op building Colchester can look forward to renewal of public realm, buildings, places to eat, meet and return.

In difficult economic times this latest Lib Dem led Council designed regeneration is great news for businesses. residents and visitors.

More to come! 

Award Winning CBC

Award Winning Colchester

Lib Dem led Colchester Borough Council keeps winning national awards.  CBC is not the biggest. But it is one of the best run.  Reviewers note high performance, standards others would struggle to match, praise and awards.   
Colchester - Wikipedia

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Ed Davy Wins

The Clear Winner!

Lib Dem's New Leader Sir Ed Davy

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Meeting the Challenge

World's largest printer of money is running out of money




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Welcome Back Colchester

Always Here to Help


Small and Micro Businesses are vital to our local economy.  They employ thousands.  They in turn shop, spend and support others.

So it is fantastic news that the Lib Dem led Council has been able to release over £1M of discretionary business grants to another 130 businesses.

This is critically important help. To get them through this financial and health crisis.  For many this is make or break.  We are pleased to help them all, and thousands of others. and the many jobs they provide. 

We ARE here to help those in need. To help business and the many they employ and their employees to open their doors.  Safely.  With less traffic congestion and air pollution in the High Street.  Pedestrian friendly.  Covid secure. 

And to continue to help the vulnerable, supporting the thousands still being shielded, or seeking benefits advice and help to see them, their families and our many communities through to better times. 

Your Lib Dem led Council, one of the most effective in the country. We will weather the storm. Together. Alongside those we serve. Always here to help, encourage, enable and make it happen. #Welcome back Colchester

Opening Up Colchester

Ready for Retail Therapy!?

Retail opens up Monday after an impressive effort by the local Councils with the support of local businesses.

Lots to see. Time for us to stretch our legs. Take a bus. Cycle. Take a car to the car parks.  Huge efforts have been made to keep us safe and visiting enjoyable.

Your Lib Dem led Council. Working with partners. And business. To bring life back to our town, to keep jobs. To help us all to venture out, to enjoy the shops and parks and history of our great town.  Welcome back!

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