Sunshine in Colchester

Ready Rain Or Shine!

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Welcome Jo!

Colchester Liberal Democrats congratulated new leader Jo Swinson on her victory in the leadership election.

Jo’s victory heralds a new era for the Liberal Democrats who are currently on a high after seeing their best ever EU and local election results.

Jo Swinson, who first became an MP in the 2005 election on the back of the Labour’s illegal Iraq war. In government she was the driving force behind shared parental leave and was a strong supporter of equal marriage.

After losing her seat in the 2015, she won it back in 2017 unseating Nationalist John Nicolson before being elected as deputy leader. She is the youngest leader in the history of the Liberal Democrats.

Jo Swinson (left), with Ed Davey

Reacting to the news that Jo won the leadership election, MP candidate Martin Goss, who voted for Jo said “Today is a good day to be a Liberal Democrat, Jo Swinson is one of the hardest working people in politics and the perfect person to take our party forward.”  He went on to pay tribute to outgoing leader Vince Cable MP saying “Vince’s visit gave us the motivation to make gains in the local elections, he has led our party from 8% to 20% and revitalised the Lib Dems in Essex.”

Local Party Chair Callum Robertson added: “In Colchester, we have a Conservative party on the way out and the local and European elections have shown it is a Lib Dem and Tory race in Colchester.” He went on to say: we look on course to win the Brecon and Radnorshire by election next week and the polls have us winning back Colchester at the next election. With Jo [Swinson] at the helm, I’m positive that we can beat the Conservatives and make Colchester Lib Dem again.”

Facing Up to a Housing Crisis

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Decision Time - Garden Communities and Local Plan

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Fighting Plastics

Join the Revolution!

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New Lib Dem Administration

New Colchester Cabinet - Lib Dem led

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New Lib Dem Mayor

Our very own Mayor!

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Celebrating - Colchester Lib Dems!

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Fighting elections across the UK

Lib Dem Campaigns & Lib Dem Values

VOTE today - May 2nd - for a Party of Values and Ideas - locally and across the UK that are about a true quality of life, inclusive, supportive, effective.

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Trust Us - Not the Tories!

Lib Dems are the positive and 'can do' party. 

We HAVE delivered this last year, including cleaner streets, investments in our heritage, help for those that support others, as well as action on ASB and recruiting more police officers (although that shouldn't be our job). 

We will do MORE of the same good work and address other pressing concerns of residents. We will push to Divorce the County Council to get devolution, the powers and the money back to Colchester and continue to Strengthen our Communities to reduce isolation and loneliness and build trust, with better support and facilities for our young people.  And we will balance the books again, as well as continue to invest in award winning services.

Our Lib Dem led Council administration is one seat ahead of the Tories.  Do NOT let control slip away to the Conservatives.  They do not deserve the responsibility.  Regardless of your views look at their mishandling of Brexit. 

Help your Lib Dem candidates.  Support them if you can before the election. VOTE for them on the day.

Our Values Our People

Rallying for Lib Dem Values

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