New Lib Dem Mayor

Our very own Mayor!

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Celebrating - Colchester Lib Dems!

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Fighting elections across the UK

Lib Dem Campaigns & Lib Dem Values

VOTE today - May 2nd - for a Party of Values and Ideas - locally and across the UK that are about a true quality of life, inclusive, supportive, effective.

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Trust Us - Not the Tories!

Lib Dems are the positive and 'can do' party. 

We HAVE delivered this last year, including cleaner streets, investments in our heritage, help for those that support others, as well as action on ASB and recruiting more police officers (although that shouldn't be our job). 

We will do MORE of the same good work and address other pressing concerns of residents. We will push to Divorce the County Council to get devolution, the powers and the money back to Colchester and continue to Strengthen our Communities to reduce isolation and loneliness and build trust, with better support and facilities for our young people.  And we will balance the books again, as well as continue to invest in award winning services.

Our Lib Dem led Council administration is one seat ahead of the Tories.  Do NOT let control slip away to the Conservatives.  They do not deserve the responsibility.  Regardless of your views look at their mishandling of Brexit. 

Help your Lib Dem candidates.  Support them if you can before the election. VOTE for them on the day.

Our Values Our People

Rallying for Lib Dem Values

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Lib Dem candidates for the European Parliament

Following an all member ballot, the East of England Liberal Democrats have selected the 7 candidates to lead the Liberal Democrats in the region for the upcoming European Parliament elections, from a shortlist of 13.

The list comprises of people from all over the East of England (Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire) and draws together expertise who will add real substance to the European parliament.

Left to right. Fionna Todd, Julia Ewart, Sandy Walkington, Barbara Gibson, Stephen Robinson, Lucy Nethsinga and Marie Goldman.

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Save Lives


Learn from others to Save Lives in Colchester



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ACTION on the environment

ACTION on our environment 

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More Funds for A Better Colchester

More Funds for a Better Colchester

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Colchester Manifesto 2019

Colchester needs a real plan to answer the public’s call for decisive ACTION, and to cut through the excuses and the fake news to deliver what they need most. We know our town and borough. We hear what the people want. We will respond and:

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